An open letter to anyone who has been diagnosed with an inactive thyroid or low thyroid function… or may THINK they have an issue…

“Discover the Simple, Proven Way to Get Your Thyroid Healthy and Functioning Properly Again…So You Can Lose Your Unwanted Weight A Lot Faster and Easier!”

In the short article below, you’ll learn the quickest and easiest way to improve your thyroid function… while at the same time, start losing weight so you can get the slim and slender body you’ve been trying SO hard to get!

If you’re tired of the weight gain, the exhaustion, the mood swings, the brain fog, the depression, and all the other problems that thyroid issues can cause, this will be the most important article you read…

Dear friend,

Have you been diagnosed with an inactive thyroid or low thyroid function?

Or… if you haven’t been “formally” diagnosed with a problem… do you feel that something just “isn’t right” because you’ve been gaining a lot of weight and not feeling like yourself?

Either way, having a “less than healthy” thyroid can cause a lot of problems for you.

For one, an underactive thyroid can cause you to keep gaining weight… even if you’re dieting.

It can have you feeling tired all the time.

And low thyroid function can cause you to come down with colds a lot easier. Thyroid issues can cause your skin and hair to look dull and dry.

It can make your nails brittle and can even cause you to lose your hair.

It can make you feel like you’re always in a “brain fog”. You may have sudden mood swings… which can cause you to become irritated, stressed out, and depressed.

It’s no wonder an inactive or low functioning thyroid can cause stress and worry… and definitely get in the way of being happy and comfortable.

But the good news is…

There IS Something you Can Do to Improve Your Thyroid Function!

And if you keep reading right below, I’ll give you the step-by-step plan you can use to improve your thyroid, literally starting tonight.

After all, cWell, onsidering how much your thyroid determines how healthy, happy, and comfortable you are… there’s NO doubt you want your thyroid to be functioning properly.

That’s because your thyroid gland controls your body’s metabolism. And the hormones your thyroid produces can directly affect your body weight.

That’s why it’s SO important for your thyroid to produce adequate amounts of hormones in order to maintain your proper body weight.

When your thyroid doesn’t get the proper nutrients it needs, it slows down the secretion of these necessary hormones.

This causes your metabolism to slow down….

And You Gain Unwanted Weight As a Result!

Not only that, but an inactive thyroid condition makes it a lot tougher to lose this extra weight.

It also makes you feel tired, exhausted, and wiped out all the time.

But that’s not all. If your thyroid fails to secrete the adequate amount of hormone, you’ll deal with some or all of these issues:

  • Weight gain
  • The inability to lose weight like you used to
  • Low energy and you feel tired all the time
  • Extreme mood swings
  • A feeling of stress and anxiety
  • Dry, pale skin and hair
  • Brittle nails
  • Mild to severe depression
  • Muscle pain and aches
  • Major crankiness and irritability
  • Brain fog and the inability to concentrate
  • Stiffness and even some pain in your joints
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Swollen face, hands, ankles, and feet

Believe it or not, this is just a few of the issues that having a low-functioning or inactive thyroid can cause.

So you can definitely see why it can be such a pain and burden in your everyday life.

And the good news is,

There’s NO Reason You Have to Deal with ANY of these Things!

Look, the truth is, if you’ve been dealing with thyroid issues, I’m sure you’ve been working closely with your doctor to try and take care of it.

And I’m sure your doctor gave you a few things you can do to try and get back to living a happier, less stressful life.

Like taking medication to help reduce your risks. Or trying no-fat or low-calorie diets in order to lose some of that unwanted weight.

But honestly… no matter what you do… if you don’t fix the underlying causes of your inactive thyroid… you won’t be able to lose the weight you want to lose.

It’s true… when you have a low-functioning thyroid… weight loss diets WILL NOT work for you.

You can be good all the time and super strict with your diet… and you STILL won’t lose a pound!

That’s because when you start to diet and reduce your daily calorie intake, you also start to slow down your metabolism. Not only that, but your thyroid slows down as well.

That’s why dieting and eating less, when you have a thyroid issue, will NOT help you lose weight.

In fact, more often than not… you simply start to pack on more weight.

What’s more, if you’re dealing with hypothyroidism… strict diets can actually make you feel tired, exhausted, and just plain miserable.

This is because dieting greatly reduces your calorie intake. And calories are what your body uses for energy and fuel.

But the good news is, if you eat the right kinds of foods at the right times and in the right amounts… you can actually improve your thyroid activity a LOT. And at the same time, you can boost your metabolism so you can start losing weight fast.

Best of all, I’m going to show you, step by step, just how to do that.

There’s a quicker, easier, and NATURAL way to improve your inactive thyroid function…

So You Can Get Back to Living Your Normal, Healthy Life!

I’ve learned some simple nutrition techniques you can use in your thyroid diet that can help improve your thyroid function so that it becomes healthy again… quickly, easily, and naturally.

All it takes is some fast and simple changes to your daily hypothyroid diet and eating habits.

And when you do that, you’ll see results a lot faster and you won’t be stuck with a lifetime of taking medications that have nasty side effects.

Now you can start living life with more comfort and peace of mind…. WHILE you save a ton of money by throwing away the medications you no longer need!

It’s true! If you’re dealing with hypothyroidism and don’t want to be stuck with taking medications for the rest of your life, I can show you a natural thyroid treatment you can use to improve your thyroid health and functioning.

These Simple, Proven Techniques Can Change Your Life

By using the RIGHT diet for hypothyroidism, you can start living a life without the worry and anxiety that can come from having thyroid issues.

Like I said, there are many tips and techniques you can use to improve your thyroid function… quickly, easily, and naturally!

That means you can live the happy, healthy life you deserve… and you can have more peace of mind knowing you’re not dealing with these issues any longer.

And Here’s the Most Amazing Part…

What would take most people YEARS and several thousand dollars to learn… you can learn in an HOUR.

You’re going to learn the PROVEN nutrition techniques you can use in your underactive thyroid diet so that you boost your thyroid activity and start losing weight a lot faster.

Like I mentioned earlier, you CAN’T use traditional weight loss diets if you’re dealing with an inactive thyroid.

But if you start eating the right foods, at the right times, and in the right amounts… you’ll improve your thyroid health, increase your metabolism, and start losing weight a lot faster.

It just a short time, you’ll have more energy, more strength, and feel more like your old self again.

When you learn the simple, proven shortcut for eating to support your thyroid, you’ll look and feel better than you have in years!

Here’s the Fastest and Easiest Way to Improve Your Thyroid Function… So You Can Start Losing Weight a lot Easier!


This new ebook is called “Hypothyroidism Diet: Everything You Need to Know to Take Off Weight… Despite Low Thyroid Function”.

This hypothyroidism diet includes the simple, proven steps you can take to improve your thyroid function AND the quality of your life, guaranteed!

Just imagine… not having to worry about which medications to take. Imagine having more energy than ever so you can do all the activities you want to do.

Whether it’s going hiking, going for a walk, playing golf, gardening, playing with the kids or grandkids… you’ll have more energy.

And improving your thyroid will also allow you to lose more weight, get your life back, and enjoy all the things you may have missed out on when you were having issues before.

Without a doubt, having thyroid problems can weigh heavily on your mind and could even prevent you from doing all the activities you like to do.

Why The RIGHT Diet for Hypothyroidism Can Help You Lose Weight…

The quickest and easiest way to improve your thyroid so that it starts to work properly is to make sure you’re eating THE RIGHT nutrients.

In fact, if you’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you should start eating plenty of natural foods. You should also include some multivitamins.

Not only that, but if you have hypothyroidism… you’ll want to avoid fatty meats as well as vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli.

The same is true for seafood, like fish and some sea vegetables.

Since these foods usually contain high levels of iodine, this makes them unsuitable for those with a low functioning or inactive thyroid.

That’s why it can be SO tough to figure out exactly what to eat if you’re dealing with a thyroid issue. It can become confusing and downright frustrating.

That is, until now.

You see, this simple and easy-to-follow hypothyroidism diet makes it a lot easier to improve your thyroid function and lose weight in the process.

This information-packed ebook contains everything you need to know in order to keep your thyroid healthy. It shows you, in detail, what kind of hypothyroid diet you should have.

It shows you all the DOs and DON’Ts for eating, so if you follow the guide and blueprint that’s in this ebook, you’ll maintain healthy levels of thyroid hormone in your body.

In this guide, you’ll discover many quick, easy, and natural thyroid treatments and all the natural foods you can use in your diet to keep your thyroid functioning properly.

The ebook is divided into three parts and walks you through WHAT hypothyroidism is, how to diagnose it and see if you have it, and how to improve your thyroid function so that weight loss, more energy, and more peace of mind just happens as a natural result!

Here Are the 3 Parts of the Thyroid Diet You’ll Learn…

PART 1: You’ll learn just how important your daily eating habits are when it comes to improving your thyroid function.

PART 2: You’ll learn the fastest and easiest way to lose weight EVEN if you have a thyroid disorder.

PART 3: Learn how to recognize thyroid problems that are previously diagnosed, and how a particular nutritional supplement will benefit a particular thyroid problem or symptom.

Following this guide will help you quickly improve your thyroid function so you can lose weight fast, increase your energy quick, and get back to living your happy and healthy life again.

Just imagine, not having to wait weeks or months to see results. If you follow the step by step hypothyroidism diet that’s in this ebook, you’ll start seeing and FEELING results within days.

Once and for all, you’ll know exactly which foods you need to eat in order to support your thyroid and help you lose weight.

And you’ll also know which foods you need to avoid because they can stop your thyroid from functioning properly.

Here’s Just a Sample of the Tips You’ll Learn…

  • Get a broader knowledge on the importance of the thyroid in your body, which means that you’ll be aware of what symptoms you should expect if you have hypothyroidism.
  • Learn how to make the appropriate adjustments to your daily eating so you can get the best results possible
  • Find out how to make informed decisions about your treatment plan and the best way to approach your natural thyroid treatment.
  • Talk with your doctor about possibly decreasing your dependence on medications, if you’re currently taking them now because of your thyroid issues.
  • Discover a proven underactive thyroid diet that shows you which foods can improve your condition as well as which foods can make it worse
  • Find out which chemicals are in the products we frequently use that can be harmful to your thyroid.
  • Discover the natural supplements that can strengthen your thyroid. This manual will also teach you how you can take full advantage of these health supplements.
  • Learn how to distinguish the sub-clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism, which can play a major role in preventing the disorder from affecting the deeper roots in your body.
  • Learn the foods that we normally think are very nutritious may actually be harmful for you as they contain high levels of iodine. But with this guide, you will know which iodine-rich foods you need to avoid.
  • Discover how to choose the right foods that will support healthy thyroid activity
  • Find out which foods you should be eating and which foods you definitely want to avoid.
  • Discover how to “self-diagnose” yourself and see if you have a problem with your thyroid activity
  • Learn the best vitamins, herbs, and minerals for treating thyroid problems as well as how to get them in the foods you eat.
  • What foods to eat and which ones to avoid so you can get your thyroid back on track. Easy ways to exercise that can improve your thyroid.
  • Find out and then address the underlying causes of your thyroid problem
  • Learn the very best nutrients that can help with healthy thyroid activity
  • Learn why iodine is such an important mineral when it comes to thyroid health
  • Discover which simple physical activities can help improve natural thyroid function in just a few short weeks!
  • Find out exactly what steps and actions you need to take today in order to start improving your thyroid function in the shortest time possible!
  • How to best work with your doctor to further investigate your situation, so you can find out if your treatment plan is the best one for you.
  • Learn if you need medication or if a simple diet change is all you need.
  • Learn why increasing your knowledge about your thyroid will help you make informed treatment decisions.
  • Know which dietary changes will have the fastest, most effective impact.
  • Learn a quick and easy system to assess the foods you eat, to make sure they’ll fine for your thyroid.
  • Learn what modifications you can make so you can enjoy your favorite home-cooked meals and desserts without compromising your health.
  • Get a clear outline and plan of action you can use to see results.

Some of the Benefits You’ll Get from Using these Techniques…

· Feel like your old self in no time

· Have more energy to do all the things you want to do

· Get rid of pale skin and dry hair

· Lose weight and get back into the clothes you miss wearing

· Increase your happiness, energy and sex drive

· Have less stress, worry, and anxiety about your condition

· Plan meals a lot quicker and easier with the right foods

In just a few short weeks, you’ll be healthier, happier, and have less worry, stress, and anxiety!

When you finally eat right and support your thyroid… you’ll look better, feel better, and start losing a lot of weight… FAST!

You’ll have more energy, your symptoms will start to disappear, and you’ll finally be able to fit back into those old clothes you miss wearing.

Better yet, you’ll be able to go shopping for a whole new slim and slender wardrobe!

Bottom line, this ebook will show you exactly how to work WITH your thyroid so that it resumes its normal function.

And it’s the simplest reason why you should have a proper hypothyroid diet. That’s why everything you need to know is in this guide for the hypothyroidism diet.

You’ll Also Learn Other Techniques That Improve Thyroid Activity

For example, at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day is a good way of treating hypothyroidism. Exercise can greatly improve the blood flow to the area of your thyroid gland.

Learning new ways to relax, such as meditation and deep breathing, can also work hand in hand with your diet for hypothyroidism to bring about faster results.

It’s also important to get enough sunlight. Sufficient amounts of vitamin D will greatly boost your immune system and metabolism.

Even though there are several ways you can receive natural thyroid treatment, nothing beats the power of eating the right foods and having the right nutrients to prevent hypothyroidism.

And I’m going to show you how to improve your inactive thyroid so you can get back the active, healthy and happy lifestyle you want and deserve!

These techniques are simple, they only take a few minutes a day, and you can start seeing results in as little as a few short weeks, maybe sooner.

What’s more, if you follow the program and start seeing results, you can talk with your doctor about getting rid of all the expensive medications that cause some pretty nasty side effects.

This is by far the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to improve your thyroid activity so that it’s working at its best… and you’re losing weight as a result.

How to Tell If This Program is for YOU…

If you’re newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and don’t know the next step to take, you should use this program.

If you’re not sure if you have an inactive thyroid, this program can help you find that out.

If you want to prevent problems with your thyroid from happening in the future, you should use this program.

If you don’t want to use expensive, harsh drugs that have nasty side effects, you should use this program.

If you don’t want to search for the answers yourself, but want the information you need easily and quickly accessible, all in one exact place… you need this program.

Can you imagine? No longer having to search for the answers any longer?

That’s a great feeling. You’re going to feel a giant weight lifted off your shoulders.

In return, you’ll boost your thyroid activity, skyrocket your metabolism, and literally have those unwanted pounds just falling off.

It’s going to feel so good to get back your life again. You’ll feel more proud and confident of your new slim and slender body. You’ll look and feel better than ever. You’ll feel more sexy and attractive as you continue to lose weight.

You’ll have more energy than you know what to do with! You’ll no longer come down with as many colds. You’ll no longer have that pale, dry skin and hair.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking this all sounds great, but I’m sure you’re asking yourself…

Just How Much Does This Program Cost?

Well, let me ask… how much COULD you spend on a lifetime of drugs to treat your thyroid condition? I’m sure you’d spend in the thousands over the course of your lifetime.

Not only that, but what are the health implications from years of taking harsh prescription drugs?

But what would it be worth to you if you were finally able to lose the weight you wanted to lose… so you can fit back into those skinny jeans you miss wearing!

What if you finally had an eating plan that worked for you, that helped you improve your thyroid function and lose the weight you want to lose quickly, easily, and naturally?

And what if you had the extra energy and strength you wanted each day, so you can get back to doing all those activities you enjoy doing?

I’m sure it would be great to have a life with no more worry and anxiety that comes from dealing with these thyroid issues. It would be nice to be able to get back to living your life again.

Look at it this way: The amount of money you invest in this program will be tiny compared to the money you would spend, or have already spent, on expensive prescription drugs over the years.

And wouldn’t it make more sense to improve your thyroid function naturally, with your food and eating habits, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the side effects or cost of these drugs?

With all the valuable information you’ll get in this ebook, there’s no doubt it would help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on prescriptions or supplements that you just don’t need.

And Here’s the Best Part…

Because I was able to put this information into an instantly downloadable format, there are no shipping or printing charges. This way, I can pass the savings on to you.

If you order today, your investment in this proven system for improving your thyroid function is now only $79.00 $27

For the same cost of a gourmet coffee each day for a month… or the amount of money you’d spend on a dinner at a restaurant, or the cost of going out to a movie… you’ll learn the exact techniques you need to improve your thyroid AND start losing the weight you want to lose!

Would you trade a coffee each day for a month in order to lose weight, get rid of the worry and stress this can cause, and just plain feel better?

That’s a small price to have all the tips and techniques you need to support your thyroid, speed up your metabolism, and lose all the weight you want to lose.


8-Week No-Risk Unconditional
100% Money-Back Guarantee:

You know, I’m positive this hypothyroidism diet program can help you get your thyroid back to normal, healthy levels, so you can start losing weight a lot faster.

But I really want you to feel absolutely comfortable with your decision. That’s why I’m going to eliminate all worry for you by letting you use it at my own expense!

Here’s what I mean! Go ahead and invest in this thyroid diet and take a full 8 weeks to try it out.

If you don’t improve your thyroid function, if your inactive thyroid hasn’t become more healthy, if you don’t start losing all the weight you want to lose… if you’re not absolutely thrilled with what it’s done for you… I’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

That’s more than a guarantee, that’s a personal promise.

So you have an important choice to make here… a choice that could make the difference between improving your life… or staying exactly where you are, dealing with the same exact health problem you’re dealing with now.

Not only that, but if you don’t take any action to improve your thyroid, you’re not going to lose the weight you want to lose.

So, go ahead and take action. Use this ebook to learn how to eat so you can improve your thyroid function naturally, and for a lot less money than you’d spend on medications.

This is something you can do for you AND your family.

You deserve to be happy. You don’t deserve the worry and anxiety that comes from having a health issue like this on your mind.

With just a click of the button below, you can be reading the important hypothyroid diet information that will help you improve your thyroid and help you lose more weight in less time.

I can honestly say that this is in your own best interest.

In a very short time, you can have your thyroid back to normal and you can be rid of the worry and anxiety… and instead, have the happiness and peace of mind you deserve.

When you’re happy and comfortable… you just feel a WHOLE lot better in your day to day life.

This Will Be A Life Changing Experience, I Promise…

So please, don’t wait. It’s time to end the battle with your thyroid issues and your weight.

If you’re ready to get your thyroid working right, if you’re ready to lose the weight you want to lose, then ordering right now is in your best interests.

Go ahead and take the next step. Click the link below, order, and then download the entire program immediately.


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P.S. If you want to improve your thyroid and lose weight in the fastest and easiest way, and also do it naturally, this ebook will do it.

I’m going to show you the exact steps and specific directions you can take with your daily nutrition so that a proper working thyroid and weight loss are a natural result.

It’s time to get your health back on track with this simple and powerful thyroid diet that’s designed to boost your thyroid with the RIGHT foods and nutrients.

You’ll finally be able to lose that weight you want to lose!

P.P.S. And remember, there’s absolutely no risk for trying this out.

If my techniques don’t work for you, if you don’t get your thyroid levels back to normal, if you don’t lose the weight you want to lose, you can get your money back quickly and easily.

So don’t you owe it to yourself AND your family to be healthy… to be at your best.

I promise, once you get your levels down to normal and you’re no longer worrying about your health, you’ll have more peace of mind in all areas of your life. You’ll feel better than you ever have… you’ll be HAPPY more often!

So order now while it’s fresh on your mind!


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